Playground of materials and processing

its a good product quality, not say it, but what are the specific material? So that we can understand how the product quality in the end, East of Shanghai, according to the industry standard classification is as follows:
(1) pillar material: 114mm od 2.6mm pipe
surface treatment: outdoor polyester system (polyester/TGIC system) resin powder coating paint
/> (2) platform material: surface treatment of cold rolling sheet thickness 2.6mm holes filled
: a, Hot-dip-filled plastic (plastisol) protective layer b, resin paint
(3) steel pipe fittings: od 2.3mm pipe
26.8/33.5/42.3/48.0/60.0 thickness surface: outdoor polyester system (polyester/TGIC system) resin powder coating paint
/> (4) plastic fittings material: low density polyethylene (LDPE) Added anti-UV stable agent and the electrostatic spray plastic (powder coat)
surface processing: die cast surface
(5) column cover material: cast aluminum
surface processing: outdoor poly fat Department (polyester/TGIC system)
resin powder body coated loaded roast paint
(6) lock screw accessories material: aluminum
surface processing: mechanical polishing
(7) hardware parts material: SUS stainless steel semicircular head, T-flat head screw
surface treatment: polishing
(8) contact surface materials and combined with the angle iron have been rounded, metal parts for the treatment and prevention of head
any adjustment in order to maintain the safety of users and facility structures.
(9) the same group according to the site of the platform height adjusted by Exchange.
playground combines fitness and entertainment as a whole, according to the child's interests and hobbies designed a variety of different styles, is a novel. comprehensive children's Park. Is for children like drilling. climb. features such as slide design, colorful. entertaining. functions. quality is reliable. Amusement equipment complex usually includes slide gate, bridge, tube, roofs, stairs, platforms, columns, ladders, slides, tubes, and rope climbing; all our slide fastener, no protruding sharp objects on the surface, each part is available in several models and color options; East of Shanghai can also personalized design and production according to customer needs. This product is bright, not faded, high strength, anti-static, wear-resistant, resistant to Sun, aging, cracking, the structure is safe and durable, children slide design, color harmony, the unique combination of plastic parts, children's play equipment bring feelings of safety, fun and lively.   Playground products by unique and ever-changing game design, will include the construction of playgrounds, a kindergarten, a community can create a boundless joy in the limited space and attractive, stylish, elegant, upscale. New play equipment system from the column, clamp to the upper post CAP is made of aluminum alloy, and long term durability. Exceptionally strong anti-rust properties. More colorful electrostatic spray surface, UV-proof, long-term use can also maintain excellent stability results.


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