Playground children's safety is the most important

"Baby wants to play where? "" Playground! "More than half the children will answer! Parents, this is not a good choice; it's playground is "accident", plus the holidays, adults, children there bar, one more love go wrong!
don't worry, let us start by "demining" operations, East of Shanghai after a series of market investigations, listed some safety risks exist for your reference, so parents can have ruled out danger, and the rest did not is safe and secure? Just know, you can do not sweep the child himself at ease, were swept bare by safety problems. Shanghai East summed up as follows:
swing/> focus: preventing child thrown or hit by a swing.
swing kids are fun, but watching a child swings higher and higher, your heart hangs higher and higher, for fear that kids accidentally fly out. So, be sure to tell children, both hands should always hold on to the rope swing, when it is not playing, to swing fully stopped down.
in addition, telling the kids, when it passes next to the swing set, be sure to walk around, or will be hit by a swing on the swings.
/> seesaw: note that while upper and lower.
"Trojan horse for two people, one side height low. Don't naughty horse Stallion, my brother and I smiled! "Seesaw is, need two children meet to play together, to play well, and smiled. Playing well, the WAA. Therefore, you should not only pay attention to their children, must pay attention to the other person's situation and tell them, if you don't want to play, to tell each other and adults that, otherwise, the other side is not ready, is likely to be ruthlessly Pier. It was light, leaving the child if the pace a little slower, is likely to be patted by suddenly cutting board.
attention: not the slide opening climb, slide down rapidly after leaving the slide exit.
playing on the slide is easier situation is that children without a space one-by-one down, more people, you see, while slide started gymnastics. If a child is too young, and lifted him up, don't hesitate to slide down the slide waiting for him at the end, bigger kids, to tell him, in front of the children, and children slid down and then slide, slip then immediately got up and left, never to climb the slide exit.
focus: can't let go jumping
in the Middle holding slides down the slope, this game is exciting to kids. They would play over and over again endlessly. However, some children afraid or anxious, often let go halfway slide, roll down, surprise you in a cold sweat. If only that was possible, best followed him for the first time, next to protect him, and told him, sliding to the bottom, sliding any further then go jump. Telling the kids not to backtrack, or you will be sliding down the children hit their feet.
focus: preventing children hurt by stepping on other children resulted from a fall.
enjoy jumping on the trampoline, for many children like to play games, but it has many security risks. Jump trampoline, kids sometimes ground instability, and down on the trampoline, if more people, there will be children stepping on dangerous, serious still can cause sprains, fractures. So if too many people, do not let children play. If children are especially tall, or play up particularly naughty, it is best to let the child play later.
focus: collision and prevent children from a head knock.
a dad with her 4 year old daughter playing bumper cars, after a violent collision, side small daughter from his seat "slip out" anymore! Another child in the father's heroic to knock your mouth collision. Therefore, not parents and play it safe, in addition to children outside the fasten your seatbelt, don't be too violent collisions, especially in frontal impact. Don't just own a craving, also taking into account the child's tolerance. Roller-coaster
attention: do not let your child stand up in the Middle, or unbuckle.
roller-coaster than adults, children's roller coaster is small change, but you know, for our baby, and it's been very exciting. So, before they become children, be sure to tell him, do not stand up in the Middle, or unbuckle.
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