Playground 6 security code

children like going to an amusement park and play, safe playground equipment and adult supervision is very important, East of Shanghai said: only completed half of the safety and security of children must know how to keep yourself safe, and activities in accordance with these security rules. Here are some general principles, parents can be made under the playground equipment safety education for children:
children playground safety code
1 when kids in the jungle gym, slides, seesaws, swings and other activities while playing, not push others, not slapstick.
2, in accordance with normal operating procedures for events, such as when sliding, feet down, don't turn to slide from the outside railings, don't stand on a swing on the swings.
3, if their children jumped down from a playground equipment, be sure to let the children know no other children or objects stand in the middle of the road. When a child jumps when feet, knees slightly bent.
4, let the kids bikes, backpacks and other items from the device move around and avoid playing when tripped over them.
5, playground equipment if it is wet, it will tell your child not to play because wet surfaces makes these devices are very slippery. When
6, children play in the venue, do not wear clothes with cords or belts tether. Strings, necklaces, backpacks can inadvertently hanging on the devices, dangerous.


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