Naughty children cleaning and maintenance and repair

Cleaning and maintenance
equipment, equipment for cleaning and routine maintenance of repair is naughty and playground of the very important item. Because it is protecting the safety of children at the event premises, operators can long-run a standard. East of Shanghai based on years of experience in production and operation of the classification as follows:
equipment-washing simple and complex washing and simple cleaning is to put some toys in 1:99 diluted household bleach solution for 30 minutes, then rinse. Complex cleaning procedures are as follows:
1, to flow rinse, wipe, remove toys surface dirt;
2 scrub, with special disinfectants, kill infectious germs may exist;
3, in flowing water to wash, wipe, remove disinfectant;
4, ultraviolet disinfection, 10-20-minute super penetrating sterilization.
Second, some heavy equipment cleaning, then scrubbed with a special disinfectant, keep clean and hygienic.
If you want to maintain different kinds, material life of toy, ensure the health and safety of customers use, equipment cleaning and maintenance work is extremely important. Shanghai East to classify some products do cleaning:
1, plastic toys: you can soak water, or diluted with solvents, tablets of disinfection and cleaning method, ensure that the toys clean.
2, villous toys. Or choose to send to the laundry dry cleaning self cleaning, washing can be divided into hierarchical or overall washing itself. Layering is stuffed inside the cleaning out of cotton, and skin cleaning separately, layered cleaning to find toys filled with cotton thread and carefully cut open, take out the cotton to clean. General cleaning is to put the entire stuffed toys in the washing machine or rub in the SOAP.
3, clothing or toys: dolls, cloth book this type of cloth toys can be on the packaging of cleaning washing, cleaning on a regular basis.
4, wooden toys: because the water absorption of wood material and susceptible to borers, this toy could not be cleaned, can often best exposure.
5, electronic toys: toys or cleaning, only use a clean cloth with water to clean.
ER General equipment, equipment repair
  Nai had a great relationship with their own quality, so if you just do the right choices before buying, proper use, you can take to minimize the damage of the product itself. Before you open the box, first appearance should pay attention to whether the mark is a safe toys and the applicable age, if you need other accessories (such as electric motors, small parts, and so on) used then to read the manual that came with, and should follow their steps to operate, if there are no instructions to consult experts, not human failure. If you accidentally cause damage to the toys, severe cases may need professional repair maintenance team (which requires you to purchase equipment, to learn more about manufacturers of aftermarket) or to update the device, the light will be able to make use of simple tools to repair.
1) plastic, alloy type flexible toys. This toy often accidentally fell and cracked or wrong body part of the direction and scope of activity breaks. Free instant glue it in place. Rupture will reduce the resistance level of toys, it should carefully follow the manual instructions prior to use.
2) villi such dolls. Dirty Muppet toys can the material dry cleaning or washing, holes can also be used a needle to sew, so can be said to be the most easy maintenance of the toy. Commonly used Combs groomed hair types of villi in season, so as not to damage the original texture and appearance. In addition to the above basic knowledge to repair things, such as electronic or mechanical toys, because of its internal structure is more complex, and high professional requirements, the average person can't do maintenance, so this type of toy shall be subject to professional repair.
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