Function and usage of used fitness equipment

Fitness equipment, is used for the body fitness, bodybuilding training, basic training and physical training or sports and rehabilitative exercises of all kinds of equipment. With the improvement of people's living standards, growing demand of fitness equipment and fitness ideas spread, more and more attention to this way of using equipment exercise fitness, traditional simple device has been unable to meet people's demand for bodybuilding, various used to build muscles, enhance physical performance and rehabilitation medical equipment came into being. Single function from the past become more sophisticated, beautiful and functional. To today, see fitness equipment on the market range, variety, not only for fitness centres to buy large, multi-function devices, but also a lot of small little fit family fitness fitness equipment. According to incomplete statistics, fitness equipment in the world today there are at least more than 6,000 to tens of thousands of varieties.
fitness equipment has features not found in traditional sports, especially training in fitness equipment has obvious pertinence. East of Shanghai based on years of experience in design and production, fitness functions and using methods commonly used are described under.
, dumbbell series
  is a dumbbell has its origins in ancient Greece of fitness equipment, it is the most common, easiest and one of the most effective bodybuilding equipment, "sculptured muscles of hammer and chisel" in the world, provided that they have a pair of dumbbells and a bench, the trainer will be able to freely exercise almost every muscle. Dumbbell is divided into fixed weight dumbbell and can regulation weight dumbbell, former General more with pig iron casting and into, weight fixed, in 2-10KG Zhijian ranging, which similar Yu narrowed of barbell, more with hard plastic or pig iron made, in short iron ends sets Shang weight ranging of round iron tablets, long about 40~45 cm, can according to need, through increased or reduced dumbbell tablets of number to regulation activities dumbbell of weight. There is also a mini dumbbell, plating and polishing, light weight, small size, commonly used terminology in women's gymnastics training.
  dumbbells using various methods, single ring exercises can also be both hands hold the Bell in hand practice. Also the dumbbells over your ankles for practice, exercises according to different needs of select a different practice methods and their own specific circumstances. Long insisted exercise dumbbells, you can modified muscle, increase muscle endurance, often do big weight of dumbbell exercises that can make a firm, strong muscle, increases muscle strength.
Second, series of kettlebells
kettlebell form and civil practice similar to the stone lock, formed by the iron casting. Weighing 1-25 kg, in practice can be selected according to the different needs of different weights. The kettlebell, kettle and pot while casting, seamless; a kettlebell, kettle pot body weld.
  bodybuilding using kettlebells exercise, with one or two hands holding the handle, bent, bent, body side, completed exercises such as jumping, arm, back and leg muscles to get exercise.
three series of treadmills,
  bar is one of the earliest use of the fitness equipment, barbell training similar to dumbbell training is a kind of strength training, designed to strengthen muscles. Bar wide range of uses, both shoulders, back, arms, chest, muscles, using barbells and weight of pieces of iron, using muscular strength many times special training techniques can make fat burning, and converted to fit the line. In addition, can retard aging muscles, increases bone density and prevent osteoporosis.
  standard barbells are bars, barbell and hoop is composed of three parts. Clamp for fixing a barbell. International standard bars barbell requirements not exceeding 2.20 meters, a diameter of 0.28 m. Each hoop weighing 2.5 kg, the distance between the two clamps 1.31 m. The different colors indicate the different weight of the barbell, ranging from 1.25 kg to 25 kilograms. Red is 25 kilograms, blue is 20 kilograms, yellow is 15 kilograms, Green was 10 kilograms, white is 5 kilograms. Black is 2.5 kg or 1.25 kg.
  barbell series also includes "barbell" series. The main components for a variety of support frame and the barbell, which is based on barbell strength training exercises, combined with the deep squats, bench press strength training movements evolved. He can not only enable the more muscles a workout can greatly reduce the likelihood of barbell exercises harm the practitioners
  barbell training method is very simple to use, depending on the choice made exercise part exercise, mainly arms barbell, lifting barbells and elected to take the barbell rotating, bending, squatting and jumping exercises.
four, chest series
machines are suitable for fitness training equipment, cable according to the different materials can be divided into spring chest, belt cable and pulley weight machines. Spring rally consists of 4 to 6 spring, both ends fitted with handles. Exercise, can be adjusted according to the need to adjust the number of springs. Tape cable is made of rubber, shaking hands at both ends, made up of rubber strips in the Middle, according to the tightness of the tape to determine the size of the force. Pulley weight machines mainly consist of fixed pulleys, weights and wire components, you can freely adjust the weights of the weight.
chest of inexpensive, small, easy to use, and is ideal for home fitness equipment. Exercise for chest, shoulders, arms, and back muscles have very good results.
five, specific strength training equipment
(a), exercise racks
relies on the body's own weight in each bracket with the practice. First horizontal bar, parallel bars, wall bars, and other instruments, special health gradually improved after exercise racks.
1, pump exercise racks
  This is designed according to the principle of the parallel bars, mainly used for arm flexion and extension exercises. The device structure is simple, and is u-shaped bar and main column welded one together. Practice in the process by completing the dipping, has reached the objective of developing pectoralis and triceps.
  basic exercises are: the bent arm support on the u-shaped bar, then contraction of the triceps muscle and the pectoralis major muscle, push pole to his arms straight, bent again restored. On Twitter will be faster and higher, drop should be slow and low.
2, lumbar muscles exercise racks
that are specifically developed lower back and lower back muscles fitness equipment. Mainly composed of square tubes, sponge, concave plate and cross shaft frame.
basic practice is to lie face down on the concave plate and heads in their hands, two feet inward on the sea on the horizontal axis, the upper body deep flexion; and back muscle strength carried the body to the limit and still for a moment then slow Pike restore. Also in the upper body when raised to the horizontal position, rotation left or right.
3, abdominal exercises
are primarily used to develop abdominal muscles fitness equipment. It is up to a length of about 2 m, 0.5 m wide foam ramp against the "eye" shaped main frame composition. Tilting table top with a sponge the horizontal axis. "Eye" cross high and low beam, used to adjust ramp angle.
  basic exercises are: participants lay on his back on the ramp, two-hook for the top of the ramp axis, hold hands or neck or attached to the side or raised, doing sit-ups. Also hands horizontal, straight leg or knee on the move.
4, the leg
that was used for development of abdominal and buttock muscles fitness equipment. It by hanging the arm bracket, Backboard and column consisting of the subject. Hanging arm bracket u-shaped on each side of a sponge pad, curved at both ends for grips.
basic practice methods are: practitioner located in the leg, arm supports on the mat, vertical hands; then the legs up to the abdominal muscles fully contracted. Such as poor abdominal strength, start doing knee lifts if strong abdominal muscles, you can attach weights on the leg. Leg frames can also be used for dipping, hanging arm shrug, tuck hang, Pike and other exercises.
5, bench press
bench is designed for bench press exercise, develop chest and arm muscles fitness equipment. It consists of benches and stools composed plates at both ends of the y-shaped brackets. Bracket to place the barbell.
basic practice is to practice lie on your back on a bench with his hands held up the different weight of the barbell.
6, flexion of the thigh exercise racks
are designed to exercise the front of the thigh's quadriceps muscle and the posterior femoral biceps muscles fitness equipment. It consists of sponge benches, stools sponge shaft bracket and weight stack components. Stool below the stack is used to adjust the size of the load.
basic training methods are: development in the front of the thigh muscle exercises, sitting on a stool, two knee, calf, sagging, instep hook the footrest (sponge shaft bracket) to quadriceps power straight from leg to leg, and then slow down to restore. In development of thigh muscles at the back of the practice, face down on the bench, below knee reveal stool end, with a heel hook sponge shaft bracket. Biceps femoris muscle contractility in bending the leg up to the maximum, straight and then control the speed reduction. Trunk must always be close to the bench, the upper body not to shake.
7, lift heel
lift heel calf muscles at the back of rack is mainly used for development of fitness equipment, stands and sits at the heel-heel two. Standing heel of an l-shaped, standing under it, double shoulder connected with the lower weight stack the u-shaped shoulder, heel movement. Seated calf machine was placed under a bench, while people sat on the bench, place thighs on attached to the weight stack, t-shape trellis, repeating heel exercise.
(b), specific strength training series
  This class outside of muscle strength training, fitness equipment, and exercise to aerobic capacity, with a variety of functions.
1, exercise bike
exercise bike looks like it was a rear wheel bike, it is inspired by the bicycle bike motion produced by. In order to simulate a real ride different effects are increased pedaling resistance, usually this resistance is adjustable, is the simulation of a typical outdoor sport aerobic fitness equipment, is one of the widely popular indoor exercise equipment. From the exercise form exercise bike currently has two types: one is the fixed handle, for bike sports; another as active handle, arm leg stronger. There is also a recumbent exercise bike, recumbent body design, can effectively exercise your thigh muscles, and increase comfort during exercise. The arm exercise pole attached to the machine, exercisers can balance the body and enhance the efficacy of arm muscles. Exercise bike uses a compression-axis manual loading devices, exercises according to their height, long legs, fitness and training load, can freely adjust the seat height and exercise load. With the advancement of technology, exercise bike handlebars will display a variety of data on the screen, heart rate, respiratory rate, time, speed, distance and energy consumption, etc. Practice based on these data can get exercise, to make adjustments in their fitness program.
exercise bike can make the legs and hips are the main muscle strength and endurance exercise. Due to gluts and thighs of the gluteal muscle in the pedal car by stretching, hip, knee and ankle full of activities and increase their agility and flexibility. Through a lengthy exercise bike exercise, movement to promote cardiovascular, metabolism, improve the function of the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system, so as to improve the body's Constitution. Of course with fat consumption, and long time burn the fat weight loss weight loss results will occur.
exercise bike in the first when they are used to adjust the seat height. Compare the right sitting height is, when your foot is in the lowest position, knees slightly bent. Adjusting the load is, with little resistance to the resistance within, step by step. Upper body slightly forward, arms and unbending elbow, so you can focus on some more on the lower limb muscles. When the treadmill, and action should be smooth and rhythmic, and Unsteadiness of the not. When pedaling around 60 times per minute, with the enhancement of the leg strength, increase the pedal by times per minute.
2, treadmill
  treadmill is necessary for gym fitness equipment, fitness is also the home of the best choice. Electric running machine is driven by motor run with people with different speed and slope passive running or walking, is a systemic form of exercise. Action due to its movement little stretch, such as compared to running in the field, you can reduce the intensity, increase the amount of exercise, under equal conditions can run almost one-third away more than the land, improving the consumer's heart and lung function, muscle endurance and lose weight with very good results. Therefore, the treadmills are popular among fitness enthusiasts welcome, is one of the best aerobic exercises.
  use the treadmill exercise should pay attention to the correct running posture: feet foot parallel landing in sequence and not stomping slide, rhythm. Hands caught holds handrails, head natural placed, don't looked up or bow, or side running side see TV; double shoulder and body micro-clip tight, leg should not be lift high, waist keep natural erect, should not be too straight, muscle slightly tension, maintained torso posture, while note buffer feet with to of impact; movement in the a only feet landing Shi, should is heel first with to, then by heel scroll to feet Palm, such can reduced running on ankle joint of hurt, landing Shi of knee keep micro-song, don't straight, to reduced on knee of hurt ; Run arm try to relax.
3, rowing machine
  Rowing machine is designed to simulate rowing action of fitness equipment. Rowing action requires human shoulder joint, elbow joint and combined with movement of the hip joint. It can not only make the waist, back, full exercise of the muscles in the legs, can also increase the body's endurance and coordination.
boating device of using method simple easy learn, most basic of movement way is: sat in seat Shang, two leg forward natural straight, feet pedal pedal, hands hold pulled put, then arms flexor elbow forced Hou pulled, two leg knees contraction, led seat in Rails Shang with zhiqian moved, dang seat cannot again forward mobile Shi, arms forward promoted pulled put, while two leg Qian pedal to straight, makes seat along track backward sliding, recovery in situ. This practice is not difficult, requires coordination of upper and lower limbs. Arm strength enhanced, turning the resistance knob, adjust the intensity.
4, stair
step design principle is based on stair design out of our daily lives. This device can not only help us to lose more fat in 30 minutes, on heart and lung function and shape of the legs will have a beneficial effect.
step exercise uses the method is very simple, as long as the feet alternately twice to step on pedal, the machine will automatically display. Input resistance values can then according to training purposes. If you only want to lose fat, you can turn the resistance to 8-12. Time 30-40 minutes you will reach the good effect of fat reduction. Rate 130-140/minutes. If you want to improve heart and lung function, and resistance is transferred to 6-8, 20 minutes you will have good results. Rate 100-120/minutes.
5, cycling equipment
  cycling equipment chic, as if a strange group of Trojans, also known as a riding machine. Its structure is complex, and is mainly composed of frame, seat armrests and foot pedal frame, to leverage smart connection. Mainly ordinary cycling equipment, hydraulic type cycling equipment, and equipped with heavy duty cycling equipment types. Cycling equipment can not only as a professional athlete training equipment, or as a public exercise family fitness, are ideal for rehabilitation, health care, entertainment,. When bent along with stretching and up and down, can exercise both upper and lower limb muscles, and help improve heart and lung functions and burn excess body fat. And for cervical, lumbar hyperosteogeny of lumbar intervertebral disc, the North and the knee pain has a very good effect. When the resistance while exercising weight and adjustable resistance generated by the fuel tank. Both of which can be adjusted so as to have a reasonable load, adapt to not age, persons of different physical exercises of different intensity exercise, unique to his efficient play of the aerobic exercise and strength training.
cycling equipment basic movement is simple and easy to learn. Sat on the seat, double arm holding the handrail, two foot pedal foot pedal, the body bends and straight. With the transformation of body up and down with the pedal position, seemed to ride a horse. Cycling equipment is based on the axis of flexion of the hip, not a lot of people think back to the axis. Time to start practicing, and range of motion should not be too large, exercising after a period of time, when muscles become strong and powerful, and then began to make large movements, you can also change positions, exercise patterns, so that the whole body exercise.
6, Walker
  Walker is characterized by no matter what activists do, how big is the range of motion, how big is the exercise intensity, trajectories are Gu also called elliptical motion of the elliptical Walker. Walking through building a simple set of walking, running, skiing and other functions into one, by the fitness enthusiast's favorite. Walker's main function is to exercise around the feet of movement coordination and push and pull the arm, backward, backwards, arm, hip, as well as full and comprehensive training of chest, back, and also helps to improve the ability of exercisers ' cardiovascular system. Because it is full body aerobic exercise, so weight loss also go a long way. Walking machine easy to use and easy to learn. In terms of footwork, only two kinds of forward and backward movement. Arm movements before just pushing and pulling, but requires the exercise of two foot and arm movements are well coordinated. As long as sports practice, experience many times, will soon put me into full play. If you want to increase and decrease the intensity by adjusting the height of the armrest and swing, as well as adjusting the cylinders or magnetic loading to complete, different ages, different physical persons are able to find their own best load.
7, Cable Crossover Machine
Cable Crossover Machine, also known as the butterfly machine. Cable Crossover Machine exercises, arms folded open like butterfly wings open, hence the name Butterfly machine. Effect of exercise, especially exercise of the chest muscles is unmatched by other fitness equipment, so by the exerciser's favorite, in the family and in the gym has it's shadow, in a variety of functions on a set of comprehensive training without it. Cable Crossover Machine is mainly used to exercise greater pectoral muscle, it not only can fully exercise the chest muscles also helps expand the pleural effusion and improves heart and lung function. It consists of movable arms, wire rope, pulley, seat and weight composition, beautiful shape, covering not only small in size, and exercise, so people like.
Cable Crossover Machine basic exercises are very simple: sitting on the armchair, two upper arm opening at shoulder level, elbows down, forearms depend upon on the active arm, hands holding hands and inhale, chest muscle contraction force of arms-led activity ran her arm forward clips, pause, exhale, his arms slowly open the restore.
six, comprehensive fitness equipment features and use
integrated fitness, also known as multi-functional fitness trainer fitness, Union or combination of features. Multiple individual fitness equipment smart, reasonable and combined together, can be used in a variety of exercises on a host of functions.
General fitness is a split-linkup, which formed the main structure is made of high quality steel, other components made from materials such as steel, cast iron or plastic, surface painting or plating.
according to the different designs, there are different types of integrated fitness, as small as three or four kinds of functions, from more than 40 kinds of function. For example, a three-station seven functional fitness, five eight functional fitness, 10 station fitness 13 features, a three-station 16 features a fitness and so on. The so-called "ten 13 functional fitness", refers to the trainer with a 10 for 10 people at a training exercise stations and 13 exercise feature. Other types of and so on.
comprehensive fitness has huge volume, complete function, wide application, comprehensive training and many other advantages, described as "a machine with a gym." It is suitable for general fitness bodybuilding, is also a professional athlete strength training equipment. It can not only specialized local training for some part of the human body, every part of the body's muscles can also be circulating and comprehensive exercise. It can accommodate is characterized by multiple people with different body posture and the practice of different positions. Thus, exercise machines Fitness Fitness Center, recreation, clubs, professional sports training base, schools, government offices and other common exercise equipment in the gym.
integrated fitness training methods varied, comprehensive fitness exercise, should carefully learn the function and use of each device, and the relevant practice notes, and according to their actual situation and training needs, develop appropriate practice plan reasonable, effective workout.

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